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Brandon Herwick: Space Jam Dance

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Join OPEN National Trainers Elyse Loughlin (@TheMsLoughlin) and me, Brandon Herwick (@BrooklynDreamer), as we go out of this world to lead you through this stellar Space Jam dance!

Choreography by Sara Weeks.
Music By Quad City DJ’s available on iTunes.
Download this dance activity for free at: http://openphysed.org/curriculum_resources/dance-35

Activity Procedures:
1. Today’s dance is to the song Space Jam by Quad City DJ’s. It was designed to provide a fun movement
experience to get the whole body moving.
2. Follow along with my movements (and/or movements being projected on the screen). Find and stay with
beat of the song, and try to start to remember the sequence of the dance movements.
3. Teachers: use Space Jam Activity Card to teach the choreography of this dance.
*From OPENPhysed.org’s Space Jam Activity Plan

Enjoy making Life a Dance Party and please stay in touch! 🙂