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The PE Guy: How to play Hopscotch

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What are we doing to day?…
That’s right you guessed it.

HopScotch Rules:

Starting Position: Players shall stand in an upright hopping pose on one foot, behind baseline of the court with the hoppy taw in one hand.

The Basic Toss: Hold the “taw” between your thumb and your fingertips with your palm up, rotate your hand in toward your body and then rotate your hand out towards the court. Release the “taw” to land flat in that perfect landing spot within the space you are aiming for.

Begin: Toss hoppy taw into square 1 (it may not touch any line).

Hop into square 2 with one foot, then into triangle 3 on one foot. Continue hopping placing at the same time one foot in triangle 4 and the other into triangle 5. Jump and land on one foot in triangle 6. Jump and land with both feet at the same time in rectangle 7 (you can move about in this space). Hop and land on one foot in semi-circle 8 then hop and land on both feet with one in arc 9 and one in arc 10. Jump into the air while in the air reverse the position of your feet by turning your body (½) turn 180 degrees landing on both feet at the same time. Return down the court in the same way you came up the court. Before leaving court, pick up hoppy taw with one hand without touching the ground. Then hop in that square you picked it up from and out of the court. Toss hoppy taw in each square, triangle, rectangle, or arc as you make your way.

Lose a turn if:

· Hoppy taw does not land in proper place or on a line.
· Player leaves the court without picking up the hoppy taw.
· Player touches any part of a line on a court.
· Player uses more than one hand to pick up the hoppy taw.
· Dropping the hoppy taw in the court
· Hopping or jumping in the same space as the hoppy taw.
· If a player loses balance and put other foot down on court.

Thanks so much for joining us today.

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