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Hudson Interactive: This or That Pokémon Battle

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An exciting and engaging Pokémon workout the whole family can do.

You will be given 2 Pokémon to choose from.
You will have 10 seconds to decide which Pokémon would win in a battle based on their Pokémon type.
Then a 20 second timer will appear along with an exercise to perform depending on your choice.
The Pokémon winner will be revealed after the 20 second exercise.
Their will be 10 rounds. Each round is worth 1 point.
How many points will you finish with?

* If an individual is not able to complete their chosen exercise feel free to perform the other exercise.
*If an individual is not able to complete either of the exercise options feel free to come up with an exercise you CAN do.

*Attitude is Everything*

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How well do you know your Pokemon? Test your knowledge while working out with Hudson Interactive.