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Hudson Interactive: This or That FORTNITE SKINS EDITION!!

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An exciting and engaging way to workout with the whole family!
This could be a great resource to use as a warm up for Physical Education class or even as a fun brain break that the students would love.

Fortnite is here!!
Enjoy a first hand look at some of my very own Fortnite skins.

You will be given 2 Fortnite skins to choose from.
You will have 10 seconds to choose which Fortnite skin is your favorite.
Then a 20 second timer will appear along with an exercise to perform depending on your choice.

* If an individual is not able to complete their chosen exercise feel free to perform the other exercise.
*If an individual is not able to complete either of the exercise options feel free to come up with an exercise you CAN do.

*Attitude is Everything*

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