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ArthurVideoSong: Blinding Lights by The Weeknd

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After several months of planning and editing, the Fanmades are back on ArthurVideoSong! We’re coming back with a huge hit from this year, “Blinding Lights” by The Weeknd! For this fanmade, we’ve taken a ton of inspiration from the music video, featuring even a sitting part, very fun and lively, walking with a luxury car through the city streets!
This has been a very complex map to develop, is a huge map, and for this reason we’ve had to take a little break from fanmades on the channel. I always try to make the best possible original productions for you all, so I hope you like it!

Planning and production of the background and pictograms: Arthur Soares e Thyago Alves
Coach coloring: Arthur Soares e Silas Nascimento
Choreograph: Edison Cake
Coach: Edison Cake

This fanmade is my and my team’s creation and is not available on the Ubisoft game Just Dance. All the visual content presented on this video belongs exclusively to ArthurVideoSong, and reuploads without any type of transformation is not allowed.
Contact: contato@arthurvideosong.com

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