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PE & School Sports Network: Who Wants To Be An Active Millionaire

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– You will be shown 10 different slides with 10 different questions
– On each slide you will be shown four possible answers to the question
– Starting in the question zone, you have 20 seconds to choose your answer and move to the zone that represents that answer (Answer A = Zone A)
– The next slide will reveal the correct answer
– If you moved to the correct zone you perform a balance of your choice for 30 seconds
– If you picked the wrong answer and moved to the wrong zone you must perform the exercise that is related to that zone. (Exercises for each zone will be shown on the slide)
– Once the 30 seconds has finished you must move back to the question zone and wait for the next question
– Repeat the process for each question

– Divide your working area in to 4 areas with a question zone in the middle
– Label each area either A, B, C or D

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