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Go with YoYo: Earth Day For Kids!

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Earth Day exercises and best brain breaks for kids with YoYo! Spin like EARTH, climb a mountain, ride a bike, swim, and fly like a bird! Celebrate Earth Day for Kids and twist like a wind turbine and jump around and recycle! GO with YOYO https://bit.ly/GOwithYOYO​​ for more fitness, yoga and mindfulness videos with YOYO! Happy Earth Day!

Teach kids fitness and yoga in your area!! YoYo has helped others in over 11 countries start their own kids fitness program with her Kids Fitness Online Courses! Go here to start: https://gowithyoyo/youthfitnesscourses​

Lots of other fun fitness and yoga videos for kids! Check these out!
Move like an Inchworm: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x-KhA9apDsA&t=85s
Bunny Hops: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qBa2RY7E93Y

Learn more about the book MOVE! that YOYO co-authored, or a live or virtual event, please connect with YOYO here at https://www.gowithyoyo.com​ and also on Facebook for event details!​

YOYO is doing VIRTUAL kids assemblies!! Reach out for details!
Email: yoyokusters@gmail.com

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