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PhysEdZone: Move-To-Improve PE “Chair Aerobics” Dance

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Here’s a Move-To-Improve activity called “Chair Aerobics”.

• Students will be able to reinforce academic content while practicing seated aerobic fitness exercises.
• Students will be able to state that their heart rate increases while performing aerobic fitness activities.
• When we do an aerobic fitness activity, our heart rate increases. This means our heart beats faster than when we are at rest. We also breathe deeply and take in oxygen.
• Our heart rate is the number of times our heart beats per minute. It can also vary on certain factors such as your age, how much stress you are currently experiencing, or what kind of physical activity you are participating in.
Note: Students may have to move chairs and bend arms to allow for movement.
• This Move-to-Improve activity is Chair Aerobics.
• This is an aerobic fitness activity we can do while seated.
• Sit on the edge of your chair. Sit up tall with your feet on the floor.
• Stretch your arms out in front and then to the side. Lift your arms up and reach for the ceiling. Be sure you do not touch anyone or anything.
• Step 1: March your feet right, left (2X). Cue: Right, left, right, left
• Step 2: Bring your right knee up high toward your chest, and then the left knee (2X). Cue: Right knee, left knee, right knee, left knee
• Step 3: Now let’s do jumping jack legs (4X). Cue: Out, in, out, in, out, in, out, in
Review steps 1-3, then add step 4.
• Step 4: Kick your right leg forward and then kick your left leg forward (2X). Cue: Right kick, left kick, right kick, left kick
Teachers Need
• Steps written on chart paper or board optional
• Students sitting in chairs, pushed away from desks, facing the same direction
• Music optional

• Step 5: Run quietly and fast. Use speed bag arms up to the right (8X), the center (8X), and the left (8X).
Cue: Right, center, left
Review steps 1-5.
• We have learned Chair Aerobics. Now, let’s check our heart rate. Place your index and middle fingers on your wrist, just below the base of your thumb. This is called your radial pulse. Is your heart beating faster?
• Let’s do the activity again at a faster tempo and see if it makes our heart beat faster and lungs work harder.
New York State PE Standards: 1, 2 National PE Standards: 2, 5
Check for Understanding
• What is aerobic fitness? Aerobic fitness is the ability to perform large muscle, dynamic, moderate to high intensity exercise for a prolonged period of time.
• What is one example of an aerobic fitness activity that can be done while seated? Bike riding, rowing.
• Why should we monitor our heart rate during physical activity? It allows us to measure how hard we are working.

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