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Kinetic Kids: Dynamic Warm-up

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Follow along with Henry and me for a full-body dynamic warm-up that will get your heart pumping, increase blood flow to your muscles, as well as improve range of motion at your joints. A simple warm-up routine is advised before kids engage in sports or active play. A warm-up will lessen chances of injury and improve performance. Let’s get moving!

Follow-along 20-minute kid-friendly HIIT workout:

The warm-up exercises:

High-knees 00:15
Side-shuffles 00:38
Soldier-kicks 01:04
Knee-to-elbow 01:35
Jogging/sprinting in place 02:00
Hug knee to chest 02:35
Arm Circles 02:50
Shoulder to arm-pit taps 03:15
Lateral lunges 03:33
Inchworms 04:17
Downward-dog to quadruped 05:00
Awakening Apes 05:33
Falling Stars 06:13
Backstroke 07:11
Freestyle 07:40
World’s Greatest Stretch 07:58