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Fitness Hustle TV: Sonic The Hedgehog Chase

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Sonic The Hedgehog Ultimate Chase Brain Break (Cardio Workout)
Super Sonic The Hedgehog Chase – Run fast to stop Dr. Eggman and his robotic army with the help of Tails and many others along the way! Dr. Eggman awaits you at Green Hill Zone.

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And remember the best hustle is the Fitness Hustle!

#Sonic #chasegame #brainbreak

⭐️Intro 0:00
⭐️Skip Intro & Start Level 1 0:08
⭐️Trivia 1 0:59
⭐️Level 2 1:14
⭐️Trivia 2 2:25
⭐️Level 3 2:40
⭐️Shoutouts 4:26

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📣 Video Inspiration: Matthew Wood, PE Bowman, RSD Online, Corey Martin, Sweat Kids TV & Be Well Played


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