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The Running Channel: Why Do Heart Rate Zones Matter? | Running To Heart Rate Explained

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You might be well-versed in measuring your runs by distance, time or pace, but have you considered measuring them by heart rate instead? Anna and Rick are going to take you through what heart rate training is, how you can benefit from it and a top tip to make sure you have your heart rate monitor – whether that’s a watch or a chest strap – set up in the best way to get useful results.

What’s In This Video?
0:00 Intro
0:51 What Is Heart Rate Training?
2:29 How Is Heart Rate Measured?
4:32 How To Set Heart Rate Zones
9:24 What Do The Zones Mean?
11:25 Top Tip!

↓↓ Do you train by heart rate? Or maybe you’re going to try it after watching this video? Let us know in the comments ↓↓

More info on training to heart rate

This video is intended for informational purposes only and must never be considered as medical advice or recommendation. Anyone considering taking supplements of any kind should first consult a doctor or other qualified healthcare professional.

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