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Coach Corey Martin: Roblox Chase: Among Us Edition

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The Chase is back! Every Monday you will get a new episode…Today you are in Roblox playing the Brookhaven map with imposters Among US ! Complete all 3 levels and guess the correct imposter to win!

Looking for an alternative to GoNoodle ? Do your students enjoy Jack Hartmann? Whether you are a classroom teacher or a physical education / PE teacher looking for a PE activity…you will love the Chase! Inspired by PE Bowman and his Level Up games, you will not be disappointed.

From the same creator as Among Us Chase, Mario Chase, Jurassic Chase, Jungle Chase, Shark Chase, Space Chase, Castle Chase, Cave Chase, and more…These virtual games are perfect for any teacher looking to get their classroom up and moving. It will be your student’s new favorite brain break series/ fitness activity ! I have large variety of fitness games to keep you entertained!

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Twitter: @coreymaritinPE

Check out my featured channels, Coach Kelli Smith who has some amazing This or That games as well as Matthew Wood who produces amazing Minecraft and Mario themed games. Pe Bowman and his Level Up games were definitely an inspiration to me. BeWellPlayed and Coach Meger are also featured as well! Fitness Games for all!

Thank you for checking out my channel and I hope you enjoy the games!

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