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HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Here’s a song for you to memorize the bones in 3 minutes!

The skeleton has 2-0-6 bones in an adult,
Babies have 2-70, which fuse for this result.
The skeleton is divided into two main zones,
Which are called the axial and appendicular bones.

The axial skeleton is topped by the skull,
Your brain is in the cranium, which acts as a hull.
The mandible or jawbone is able to expand,
Which is useful for talking, as you can understand.

The ossicles are small bones, found inside your ear,
The maleus, incus, stapes, which all help you hear.
Sound waves are amplified by these three bones,
And then move to the cochlea, which discerns the tones!

The rib cage helps to protect the lungs and the heart,
With 12 ribs on each side, the sternum in the front.
Your vertebral column, made up of vertebrae,
Are stacked up very neatly, in a vertical array.

The cervical vertebrae make up your neck,
The spinal chord keeps your reflexes on deck!
The ribs are supported by thoracic vertebrae,
Lumbar ones are at the end of the spinal cord pathway!

Five sacral vertebrae are fused to form your sacrum,
Which holds your upper body, and is found in your bum.
Below it is the coccyx, or the tailbone,
In humans the coccyx has not really grown.

The appendicular skeleton – a 126 bones,
In shoulders, arms, and legs, as we have here shown,
Your scapula, also known, as your shoulder blade,
Next to the clavicle, or collarbone, is laid.

You have three arm bones, one above and two below,
Here they come together, to meet at the elbow.
The bones of the forearm are the ulna and the radius,
The humerus in the upper arm, so don’t you forget this.

You have 54 bones in one hand and one wrist,
Of carpals, metacarpals, and phalanges these consist.
The proximal, intermediate, and distal phalanges,
Make up your fingers, which you can move with ease.

Remember that your hands are where you find the carpals,
And the feet are where you will find all your tarsals.
The hip bone can be divided into three,
The ilium, ischium, and pubis, as you can see!

The bones in your leg? Well, there are four,
The patella is your kneecap, and then there are three more,
The tibia and fibula are found below the knee,
And the femur’s found above it, as we can all agree!

There are 52 bones, in your ankles and your feet,
Once you know the hand bones, these will be a treat!
There are the tarsals, metatarsals, and phalanges,
Remember that they are proximal, intermediate, and distal!

Music/Lyrics/Visual © Neural Academy

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