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Halloween Song for Kids: The Skeleton Rap Rhythm Adventure!

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A fun Halloween song for kids to get into the Halloween season! Parents & teachers: Grab the FREE teaching resource https://www.mrhenrysmusicworld.com/skeletonfree

Parents: Go beyond these fun Halloween music activities and sign-up for a FREE Mini-Piano Course for kids ages 6-10! https://www.mrhenrysmusicworld.com/piano

For ages 11 and up, join the piano group for a full online piano course with me as your piano teacher! 7-days for FREE: https://bit.ly/3wmh7z4

Support the channel & get email notifications by joining Pushdrops: https://pushdrops.com/MrHenrysMusicWorld

Looking for more fun free resources? Check out The Music Podcast for Kids! http://www.themusicpodcastforkids.com

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