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Danny Go!: Pigs on the Loose!

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Are you ready to go on a super fun adventure on the farm? Join Danny as he dances, jumps, and races around to catch a magical purple chicken before she lays golden eggs! But be careful, there are some silly pigs running around too! If they start causing mischief, you better get off the floor fast!

Do you want to keep dancing? Check out some of our other awesome dance songs by Danny Go!

  • Dance on the Lava!
  • – Yeehaw Cowboy Dance!
  • – Dance with Colors!
  • – Freeze like an Ice King!
  • – Wiggle and groove!
  • – Play with Fire and Ice!
  • – Dance like a Robot!
  • – Swing with the Monkeys!
  • – Stomp and clap along!
  • – Dance with the Dinosaurs!

You can download these songs and more for free at dannygo.net!

Get ready to have a blast with Danny Go! Our videos aren’t just simple nursery rhymes, they’re filled with cool songs and dances that kids, parents, teachers, and everyone will enjoy! We also play fun games like freeze games, floor is lava games, and lots of other exciting activities! Join us on field trips to cool places like fire stations and trampoline parks, and we even go on treasure hunts! We can’t wait to see you there!

You can find us on Instagram and Facebook at Danny Go Official, and even get personalized shout-outs from Danny on Cameo!

You can listen to Danny Go’s music on Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music!

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