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Danny Go!: The Ice King Freeze Dance 2: Arctic Avalanche!

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Get ready for an awesome adventure in the Arctic! Join Danny as he dances, slides, jumps, and skis his way to meet the Ice King! Can you dodge snowballs from polar bears and watch out for huge snowmen? It’s going to be so much fun!

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Join Danny Go and have a blast dancing, being silly, and learning! If you’re bored of simple nursery rhymes on YouTube, our videos are filled with original songs and dances that everyone, including moms, dads, teachers, and caretakers, can enjoy! Play fun freeze games, pretend the floor is lava, make choices, and even play with construction vehicles! Dance along to songs about cowboys, dinosaurs, monkeys, robots, unicorns, cartoons, diggers, space, cars, and much more! When we’re not dancing, we’ll be going on cool field trips to fire stations, trampoline parks, animal shelters, and even treasure hunts! Can’t wait to see you there!

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