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Matthew Wood: Mario Party Fitness

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Get your students moving with some of their favorite characters! Try to score points by guessing who will win the Mario Party mini game. After students make their choice and exercise for 20 seconds, students will watch the mini game play out. As they cheer their character on in the mini game, they can complete the movement Mario is demonstrating on the side of the screen. If their character wins, they score 3 points! Students can keep track of their points throughout the game. Good luck!

Want to make this even more interactive?!? Use the interactive Google Slide Mario Party Gameboard! Link below!

Want to only use a couple mini games at a time for a brain break? Use the links below!
00:29 Snake Block Party
01:37 Blooper Blast Off
02:40 Ice Slide, You Slide
03:48 Balloon Blast Bash
04:54 Football Fever
05:56 Bump, Set, Spike
07:10 Piggy in the Middle
08:14 Tackle Takedown
09:09 Three Throw
10:23 Badminton Bash

Thank you ZeldaFlash for the dancing Mario!

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