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BRIGHT SIDE: 10 Morning Habits That Can Ruin Your Day

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Wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning? Perhaps it’s because you’re guzzling down a bunch of coffee or jumping in a hot shower right after you wake up? Or maybe when you first open your eyes in the morning, you can’t fight the urge to see what’s new on social media? These may not be the best ways to start your morning.

Old habits die hard, that’s why we do some things without even thinking about how harmful they are — especially in the morning when we don’t have time to spare. So today, Bright Side wants to talk about ten things many of us do every morning that are actually harmful to us. You’ll learn how to make your morning and the day that follows better than they ever were before.

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Hitting the snooze button 0:32
Checking your phone 1:38
Drinking coffee first thing 2:33
Not making the bed 3:40
Eating empty carbs and sugar for breakfast 4:19
Leaving the curtains closed 5:11
Saving stretches and exercises for the evening 5:58
Brushing your teeth after breakfast 7:15
Making phone calls 7:49
Taking a hot shower 8:33

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– Smashing that snooze button is a sure-fire way to start your day off all wrong. That’s because when you fall back asleep in between alarms, you enter into a new sleep cycle without completing it. This makes you feel even more groggy and disoriented than you did when you awoke to your first alarm.
– While this is a very common morning habit for most of us, looking at your phone right after you open your eyes can cause you to feel unnecessary stress and anxiety before you even get up to brush your teeth!
– While there isn’t anything wrong with enjoying a steaming cup o’ joe in the morning, this shouldn’t be the first thing you sip on after waking up.
– By making your bed every morning, you’re completing a healthy ritual that will carry on into your day. You’ll be more productive and motivated to tackle the day ahead!
– Opt for a protein-rich breakfast. This will keep you fuller for longer and, it’ll give you long-lasting energy to keep you productive and focused all day long!
– According to life coach Kirkland Shave, natural sunlight releases cortisol in the body, which helps you concentrate and make smart decisions throughout the day.
– Don’t do any strenuous exercising or stretching first thing in the morning, though. You can hurt yourself since your muscles and discs aren’t warmed up yet.
– Brushing your teeth after breakfast may do more harm than good. You see, if you’ve consumed something acidic like coffee or fruit, that acid thins the enamel of your teeth. So, brushing them right after can wear away that weakened enamel.
– People need time to wake up and get their bearings before they can think about important things to talk about on the phone. It’s best to wait until about 9:30am to start making phone calls.
– The cold makes your brain release feel-good endorphins and natural adrenaline. If you can’t stomach a cold shower, at least take a lukewarm one.

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