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Teacher Mister Alonso: School Year New Me Fitness Goals

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NEW SCHOOL YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS FOR KIDS: Setting and achieving goals is an excellent way for kids to learn responsibility. As the New School Year approaches, it is a perfect time to set goals with kids.
Get your children or students up and moving and choosing what would they rather have as a goal.
Once this brainbreak is completed, try to enable children to choose their own goals and do not decide for them. Help children choose goals that they can achieve so they will not become frustrated.

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Some workout exercises are taken from the website: https://sworkit.com/ go check it out!

Mokka – No Copyright Music:
(No Copyright Music) Funny Children [Kids Music] by MOKKA / Kids

SpongeBob Fun Song Trap Remix

The Simpsons Theme Song Remix

“PHINEAS AND FERB” [Theme Song Remix!] -Remix Maniacs

AMONG US Theme Song (BB GOAT EDM Remix)

Energetic Percussion by Infraction [No Copyright Drum Music] / The Rhythm

Invisible ( House Club Trance Disco Party EDM Electronic Dance Music Mix ) Epic Games No Copyright

☄️☄️What is your favourite videogame❓❓❓🕹️

👽AMONG US https://youtu.be/DNCl_2reUjo
👾FORTNITE https://youtu.be/ymx2fWQO8gY
😼POKÉMON https://youtu.be/WFNDIjkw7N0
🦊POKÉMON GO https://youtu.be/VW_ST68v8TM
🐸POKÉMON SNAP https://youtu.be/d0R3cvq37Us
🎮PLAYSTATION https://youtu.be/Llpislozs1Y
🕹️NINTENDO https://youtu.be/kgZPNY-etN4
🚀AMONG US 2 https://youtu.be/oW00GDXnc6c
💢SUPER SMASH BROS: https://youtu.be/n4CNj_bwWz8

📺🎬What is your favourite TV Show / Movie❓❓❓

⚡HARRY POTTER https://youtu.be/NTcvqBgiT8I
🧙‍♂️HARRY POTTER Fantastic beasts https://youtu.be/GIrIcDPeAZQ
👨‍🎤STRANGER THINGS https://youtu.be/TM7ApgXMb1k
🧟‍♂️THE WALKING DEAD https://youtu.be/9Ws1syU1_0M
🌌STAR WARS JEDIS https://youtu.be/yDrVooYXnl8
🌠STAR WARS HEROES https://youtu.be/IEIWsP64-ro
🐇PETER RABBIT https://youtu.be/ZVFzFn2b4rU
🕷️SPIDERMAN https://youtu.be/5MOAlueF2Sk
🅰️AVENGERS https://youtu.be/-1X9uyWjSVg
🦸‍♂️JUSTICE LEAGUE https://youtu.be/yFUvg7mkKCM
❎X-MEN / FANTASTIC 4️⃣ https://youtu.be/0dj60oVwpOk

😍What is your favorite cartoon❓❓❓❓

🏰DISNEY https://youtu.be/nYFFM7GGvoo
🧽 SPONGEBOB https://youtu.be/lm_dCgRUuCQ
🔺Phineas and Ferb https://youtu.be/PLSUVhL0bzI
🟡The Simpsons https://youtu.be/2UgPbed4Uao
🉐 MANGA https://youtu.be/ChfaiJAFl2U
🐲ANIME https://youtu.be/lXM8FYdNAEo
👻🎺 Soul https://youtu.be/utqwzdsFGVc
🔥 Dragon Ball Super https://youtu.be/TAUGkAxsaj0

🦸What is your favorite SUPERHERO❓❓❓❓



Some exercises are taken from the website: https://sworkit.com/

What am I trying :
Fun fitness workout tabata and cardio, to exercise the whole body pump. Is like I’m trying to be your personal trainer with google fit insanity gadgets so that you optimise your bodyfit.

Qué intento: Fitness revolucionario y cross fitness sin garmin o vivosmart del decathlon, pero con mucho entusiasmo para ejercitar tu cuerpo y musculación, ya seas hombre o mujer, como si fueras a una clase de fitness bodypump con les mills gym pero en casa. Son ejercicios para niños y la familia en casa, una forma divertida para lograr buenos hábitos en tus hijos y lograr entretenerlos a la vez que se ejercitan con ejercicios fáciles y seguros de practicar. Básicamente es gimnasia o entrenamiento para niños con rutina de ejercicios y estiramiento, una forma divertida para lograr buenos hábitos en tus hijos y lograr entretenerlos a la vez que se ejercitan con ejercicios fáciles y seguros de practicar.

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