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Bobo PE: Dinosaur VIDEOGAME Adventure | Fitness Workout + Jokes!

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🌟Try all our VIDEOGAME Workouts (including Mario): https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLtRSa0Q01eYkM2d01uu2awRUiFU759WGO
One of the BIGGEST workouts in prehistory! Travel through time to a land of giant DINOSAURS, where you’ll mainly run from them in this workout, but also laugh with Bobo and kids! You’ll get some great exercise dodging and even battling the T-Rex, raptors, triceratops, pterodactyls, the humongous Spinosaurus and more! But DON’T try to get a selfie with them, that might trigger a stampede!
Check out our STRETCH video BEFORE to get warmed up: https://youtu.be/6faJ5Wp0PGY
and more stretching! https://youtu.be/p6kXCejy92M
Did you like Bobo’s Raptor Rap? Would you like to see/hear it set to a real track and polished up? We will soon be launching our PATREON so you can contribute and help us do more great content. Stay tuned!
Curious about Bobo hanging out with a Raptor? Watch the Short Film he wrote, directed, and starred in in college, TEEN RAPTOR! https://youtu.be/r9j2RS4ocd4
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Since you got kicking here, keep going with some TAEKWONDO in another videogame workout! https://youtu.be/OQgR6QZES7I
This workout is great for TEACHERS and PARENTS whose kids might be missing P.E. or recess due to distance learning / homeschooling. Or for ANYONE who has energy to burn! See our channel for the full selection: https://www.youtube.com/c/BoboPE
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