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Miss Linky: Ninja Exercise for Kids

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Join Miss Linky for this fun ninja-themed exercise adventure. Be sure to put on your ninja outfits or dark clothing, so you can practice being a ninja.

PE Goals addressed in this video:
Locomotor skills:
– Running
Effects of movement on the body:
– Increased heart rate and respiration
Non-Locomotor skills:
– Stretching
– Bending
– Pushing
– Body control
– Flexibility
– Balancing
– Weight transfer
– Coordination

Literacy Goals addressed in this video:
New vocabulary:
– Japan
– Tokyo
– Circle
– Triangle
– Square
– Star
– Ninja
– Samurai
– Sushi
– Origami
– Dragon
– Camouflage

Numeracy Goals addressed in this video:
– Shapes: Circle, Square, Triangle and Star
– Counting from 1 – 10 and 1 – 20

I hope you enjoy this video with me! Tag me in your photos and videos, I would love to see how you did!

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Instagram: @misslinkychannel
Facebook: Miss Linky

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