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Teacher Mister Alonso: Super Smash Bros Fitness

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Who’s the fastest player in each round? Choose and perform the activity!
🔴Make sure to listen to Sonic advice at the end of the video ✅https://bit.ly/hanmax 🔔.

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☄️☄️What is your favourite videogame❓❓❓🕹️
👽AMONG US https://youtu.be/DNCl_2reUjo
👾FORTNITE https://youtu.be/ymx2fWQO8gY
😼POKÉMON https://youtu.be/WFNDIjkw7N0
🦊POKÉMON GO https://youtu.be/VW_ST68v8TM
🐸POKÉMON SNAP https://youtu.be/d0R3cvq37Us
🎮PLAYSTATION https://youtu.be/Llpislozs1Y
🕹️NINTENDO https://youtu.be/kgZPNY-etN4
🚀AMONG US 2 https://youtu.be/oW00GDXnc6c
💢SUPER SMASH BROS: https://youtu.be/n4CNj_bwWz8

📺🎬What is your favourite TV Show / Movie❓❓❓
⚡HARRY POTTER https://youtu.be/NTcvqBgiT8I
🧙‍♂️HARRY POTTER Fantastic beasts https://youtu.be/GIrIcDPeAZQ
👨‍🎤STRANGER THINGS https://youtu.be/TM7ApgXMb1k
🧟‍♂️THE WALKING DEAD https://youtu.be/9Ws1syU1_0M
🌌STAR WARS JEDIS https://youtu.be/yDrVooYXnl8
🌠STAR WARS HEROES https://youtu.be/IEIWsP64-ro
🐇PETER RABBIT https://youtu.be/ZVFzFn2b4rU
🕷️SPIDERMAN https://youtu.be/5MOAlueF2Sk
🅰️AVENGERS https://youtu.be/-1X9uyWjSVg
🦸‍♂️JUSTICE LEAGUE https://youtu.be/yFUvg7mkKCM
❎X-MEN / FANTASTIC 4️⃣ https://youtu.be/0dj60oVwpOk

😍What is your favorite cartoon❓❓❓❓
🏰DISNEY https://youtu.be/nYFFM7GGvoo
🧽 SPONGEBOB https://youtu.be/lm_dCgRUuCQ
🔺Phineas and Ferb https://youtu.be/PLSUVhL0bzI
🟡The Simpsons https://youtu.be/2UgPbed4Uao
🉐 MANGA https://youtu.be/ChfaiJAFl2U
🐲ANIME https://youtu.be/lXM8FYdNAEo
👻🎺 Soul https://youtu.be/utqwzdsFGVc
🔥 Dragon Ball Super https://youtu.be/TAUGkAxsaj0