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Cosmic Kids Yoga: Seated Yoga for Kids! – Preschool and Kindergarten Sitting Yoga

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Get ready for an awesome yoga adventure with Seated Yoga for Kids! We’ll turn chairs into magical places where we stretch and warm up our muscles. It’s so much fun and it makes us super flexible! Join us and let’s have a blast!

This is just a sneak peek of our ‘Sit and Stretch’ Brain Break for kids! If you want to see the whole video, check it out on our channel and don’t forget to subscribe for more exciting stuff!

Guess what? You can also download the Cosmic Kids App and have even more fun! It’s like having superpowers in your hands!

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Want to know why our app is so amazing? Here’s why!

You can watch all of the awesome Cosmic Kids videos, even exclusive episodes!

It works on any computer, TV, smartphone, or tablet – wherever you like!

It’s safe for you to watch because there are no boring commercials, weird links, or suggested videos.

By using the app, you’re helping us create more fantastic content for you!

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If you’re super interested, you can even learn how to teach kids yoga with Jaime!

Check out this link for more information: https://cosmickids.com/learn/

And if you want to work with Jaime, she’s open to partnerships!

Learn more here: https://cosmickids.com/partnerships/


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