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Tanzii TV: Fortnite Dance Party

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Choose your favourite skin and get ready for the DANCE OFF πŸ•ΊπŸŽΆ

🌟 Intro 0:00​
🌟 Dance Workout 0:20​
Break Time series: https://bit.ly/3wR0Vra

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Song: The Fortnite Song (Lucas Fader Dubstep Remix)
Le Vieux Père
Songs: Fortnite | OG (Future Remix) Lobby Music, Fortnite | Old School Anthem Lobby Music (Season 5 Music Pack), Fortnite | Llama Beat Lobby Music (Llama Bell Remix), Fortnite | Electro-fied Lobby Music (Electro Swing Remix), Fortnite | Saxy Groove Lobby Music (Phone In It Remix), Fortnite | Star Power Remix Lobby Music (Season 5 Music Pack), Fortnite | Disco Lobby Music (Season 7)
Hi-Vibes Music
Soiscool Mec
Images By Whelsko
Dads Commentary
Insomniac guy
Shoto KDO
Image: FortniteSkins.net
Sound Library

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