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Teacher Mister Alonso: DISNEY PARTY 60 minutes! BEST BRAIN BREAKS for KIDS | Workout Just Dance and fun Quizzes!

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Get ready for an exciting hour of Disney gaming fun! Join us for an adventure with dancing, yoga poses, and fun quizzes. You’ll feel the excitement as we race to stay fit and test our detective skills in fun games like Find the Odd One Out and Find the Impostor Among Us. We’ll even dance along to the rhythm of Turning Red in Freeze Dance and guess the Disney couples by their iconic voices. And don’t miss the enchanting Hidden Picture Game featuring Encanto! Get ready to laugh, move, and experience Disney magic like never before! Subscribe to our channel for more fun videos!

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Join us for a workout that makes you happy and keeps you moving! Let’s have fun together! #workout #KidsWorkout #getkidsmoving


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